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On March 28th, the Sunday Democracy Show broadcast which airs on1150 A.M. KKNW in Bellevue, Washington USA at 6pm PST is on time again…

Mr. Serikzhan Bilash is an ethnic Kazakh originally from Xinjiang and a naturalized Kazakh citizen, headed Ata-Jurt Eriktileri, a group campaigning to bring awareness to the internment of ethnic Kazakhs in Xinjiang and motivate the Kazakh government to act. His organization helped some people’s lives from Xinjiang. Mr. Bilash joined our Chinese democracy and human rights radio program 

talk show on 3/21/2021  and 


at‘s Matthew Melton’s Democracy Show on Sundays 6pm – 7pm PST.

The coming week on April 4th we will invite a lady escapee from Xinjiang who experienced the Prison Camps in Xinjiang and who has since escaping false imprisonment and captivity in Red China helped by Mr. Serikzhan Bilash’s organization. Please tuned in and find out what the CCP did to Xinjiang minority people and how the CCP genocide proceed in Xinjinang, China.

Mr. Bilash’s organization has interviewed thousands of people in the Xinjiang region and he is speaking out clearly and loudly, “We are suffering catastrophic genocide; we need the entire world to take action!” (El de Oppresso libre! E Pluribus Unum!)

Jane Xiuhong Jin from Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance plans to call the US government and the world leaders to sanction against Communist Party China’s concours the world ambitions (CCP called “liberate the whole world”) to 

  1. Cancel the scheduled Beijing Olympic game in 2022; due to the most dispicable and surrepticious human rights violations going on anywhere in the world since the Nazi internment camps of WW II Europe. 
  2. Strongly demand the US government to STOP exporting computer and cellphone chips to Red China! Cease!
  3. The US government should help Chinese freedom and human rights by Opening the CCP’s Internet FIREWALL; and to allow people in China to know the truth and speak freely and normally as people with rights. Not slaves! 

Chinese people want the world to wake up! And to give up on some confused people’s empty dreams of expecting the CCP to change to be friendlier, better, or “reform”. They have no intention of ever becoming friendlier, better or reformed. They are a tyrannous global power who is now working to surpass the United States as new global leader and then to subjugate and create oppressive rule over all Free World nations once America has been removed as world leader. Please read by Dr. Churchill “The Thucydides Trap.” Get informed! Being informed is power!

Recognize that the CCP is the root of the all evil! The CCP is the enemy of the people of the Free World.  We must stop supporting the CCP dictatorship regime and it’s self declared quasi Hitler life leader Xi Jinping, and its financial, as well as political games to trick and drag us to inadvertently provide aid and resources to the CCP.  Therefore, in order for the people of the world to win the fight against the CCP we must –

A) Do never trust the CCP (See the 3 different negotiations between the CCP and Kuomintang – each time the CCP used the negotiation to cheat, lie and gain by saying good words, but sub mensa, they acted simultaneously to stab the Kuomintang)…

ENDING the CCP is the only way that we can can bring freedom and human rights to the world!

Ending the CCP is great way to protect our freedom and human rights as Free World Chinese people!

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