An Update from us on COVID-19 Class Actions

The Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA) organized some Chinese and Americans filed a lawsuit against the CCP controlled regime spreading the so-called “Covet 19” / CCP Virus in April 2020.  Since then there was an update sent to us by the law firm which represents us, the Berman Law Group. Recently, we received one more update as the following:

Dear Sir/Madam:

We are writing to you today to provide the latest information on the status of the two class actions against China. As of today, we know of only three cases still pending in the U.S. regarding China’s role in the outbreak of the pandemic. Our two class actions involving the general spread of the pandemic and the particular issues faced by health care providers with PPE, plus the case brought by the State of Missouri’s Attorney General, on behalf of its residents. As we have previously told you, these are difficult cases because for centuries, the law has been that foreign countries are immune from private lawsuits. There are some exceptions to the law, and we believe our two cases fit into those exceptions, but it is possible that the courts will ultimately disagree.

The State of Missouri’s lawsuit has met with tough opposition from parties sent by China, calling for the lawsuit’s dismissal, because they took shortcuts with properly serving their complaint on the Chinese government. We have not done that. We have taken the steps to properly serve the lawsuit on China.

As of now, Judge Altman, who is presiding over the PPE case, has allowed us to move forward with service on China for the PPE case through the U.S. State Department, and we are awaiting an update from the State Department on its progress.

The judge who is presiding over the main pandemic lawsuit has still not ruled on whether that complaint may be served through the State Department. We must wait for the ruling before we can proceed. We are taking the steps to remind the judge that the case is waiting for the ruling.

We will update you again once there is new information to share, but in the meantime if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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