Welcome to join us! Public Event! Support our Prisoners of Freedom and human rights fighters who are jailed in China by the CCP regime!

Greetings to political prisoners in CCP Mainland China When: Friday, 2/9/24


Pacific Standard Time Chinese New Year’s Day (Spring Festival Eve) Send your love, your care, and your support to our human rights lawyers/fighters, and freedom fighters from Hong Kong and Mainland who are arrested, and jailed in Communist China! Link will be published today. DONATION IS WELCOME, AND IT WILL BE 100% SEND TO POLITICAL PRISONERS IN CCP CHINA Donation Zille to: CDHRA 425.535.8869 Or, mail your check to Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance(CDHRA) PO Box 28067, Seattle, WA 98118 Thank you!

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance

headquarters, Seattle, WA, USA Federation for a Democratic China, USA ChinaHumanRightsAlliance@gmail.com



除夕夜慰問國內良心犯的網路視頻公開會議 中國民主人權聯盟將舉行 慰問國內良心犯的網路會議。任何人均可參加。歡迎您和我們一起發出我們的聲音 – 我們沒有忘記您們 –