美国民主中国阵线第三次代表大会强烈要求无罪释放王炳章The Third Congress of USA FDC strongly demanded the acquittal of Wang Bingzhang









Dr. Wang Bingzhang is the pioneer of the Chinese Overseas Democracy Movement in modern times. He is the founder of the first democratic movement organization “China Democratic Solidarity Alliance” overseas. It is also the first Chinese democracy movement leader with a heavy weight in the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party. With huge financial resources, material resources, and manpower, tracking and framing it for decades has been extremely useful. He was also the first outstanding leader of the Chinese pro-democracy movement who gave up his medical career like Sun Yat-sen since the Revolution of 1911. 

 Dr. Wang Bingzhang is the leader of the pro-democracy movement in the history of the Chinese democratic movement for decades. In June 2002, he was kidnapped and arrested by the Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam at the border of Vietnam. The Intermediate People’s Court of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province sentenced Dr. Wang Bingzhang to life imprisonment on charges of “Taiwan spying” and “organizing a terrorist organization” . So far, he has been detained in Guangdong Shaoguan Beijiang Prison alone for 18 years, and refused to visit relatives. 

<p> The CCP has not produced any evidence to prove that Wang Bingzhang is engaged in spying for Taiwan. In 2013, the Taiwan Legislative Council Commissioner Tian Qiujin questioned the National Security Bureau of the Republic of China on this matter, and the National Security Bureau publicly replied: Never used mainlanders Wang Bingzhang and Mr. Peng Ming for intelligence.

The Chinese Communist Party’s accusation that Wang Bingzhang set up a terrorist training camp and attempted to blow up the Chinese embassy in Bangkok is even more vain. In 2010, Dr. Wang Bingzhang ’s daughter Wang Tian’an and son Wang Shidai arrived in Bangkok and obtained a statement from the Bangkok police that Wang Bingzhang did not do these things at all. It cannot be established. 

  Now he has been innocently imprisoned for seventy years and has suffered multiple strokes in prison, suffering from various diseases. This is extremely inhuman.

   He has never done any horrible things. All his efforts are to enable Chinese people to live a life of democracy, freedom and happiness. He was one of the first international students to go abroad after the founding of New China and the first international student to obtain a Ph.D. (McGill University, Canada). If he did not oppose the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party, he would have gone all the way. Minister-level officials are not a problem, but he is engaged in democracy for the well-being of the Chinese people. This is a love of boundlessness and a broad-minded mind.

Dr. Wang Bingzhang ’s contribution to the Chinese democratic movement is admirable, and deservedly becomes a role model for overseas democracy activists. In the years before his arrest, he has spared no effort to engage in and promote various democratic activities: 

<br> For example: in 1989, he participated in the establishment of the China Liberal Democratic Party and served as chairman.

 <br> In 1998, he sneaked into mainland China to promote the preparation of democratic activities and was expelled from the country. In the same year, he participated in the creation of the China Democracy and Justice Party. 

In 1982, he founded China’s first democratic journal “Beijing Spring” in New York, USA. In 2000, he served as a consultant to the overseas headquarters of the China Democracy Party. <br> In 2000, Dr. Wang Bingzhang was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize candidate, and in 2010, he was awarded the “Spirit of Freedom Award.”

Dr. Wang Bingzhang ’s outstanding achievements in the history of the pursuit of democracy in China in modern times and the philanthropic spirit devoted to his life should be the benchmark for every person who pursues democracy, Wang Bingzhang is innocent! On this occasion of the Third Congress of the American Democratic Chinese Front in 2020, we strongly demand the acquittal of Wang Bingzhang!