NOMORE CCP PRC 5 Star Bloody FLAG!我們再也不想見到共匪五星血旗!

Dear Friends,

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime prohibits people from having freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom assembly, freedom of religious believes, freedom of assembly, and the right to free elections. The CCP is one of the largest terrorist organizations.

Ahead of National Death Day 2020, we will hold a global coalition – a total rejection of the five-star bloody flag of the Communist Party’s white zone. We can express our attitude of rejecting the dictatorship and tyranny of the Communist Party of China in various ways.

Many Chinese democracy and human rights organizations will work with Tibetan students and all organizations to RESIST the CCP regime, and calling for a TAKE DOWN of the Mainland 5 star Bloody flag. Several Chinese democracy and human rights movement organizations have decided that will work with our Tibetan classmates and all friends who oppose the dictatorship of the Communist Party of China to hold events calling on all overseas Chinese groups to remove China’s five-star bloody flag.

This event will starts immediately all the way to the Mainland “National Death Day” on October 1. Our target is NO ONE 5 Star bloody flag anymore by Oct 1st.

The event began with the China Democracy Education Foundation and the Federation for a Democratic China in San Francisco. The rest of the world

will start immediately. We will work on NOMORE 5 star bloody flag project global wide.

Washington and Oregon States will get together at 2pm on Sunday 9/6/2020. This will be weekly event until Oct 1st. Get together location is at the Hing Hay Park Pavilion in Chinatown.

We shall block any events of CCP’s PRC raising flag ceremony on or around Oct 1, because that dictatorship regime do NOT representing people.全球拒绝共匪五星旗!

The following is the letter to send / post to the areas where has the five-star flag:

Call on Removal of the PRC National Flag from the Pro-CCP Chinese Associations

  1. To all the pro-CCP Chinese Associations: Please remove the PRC National Flag from your roofs and give all China Towns a clean sky free of CCP pollution.
  2. The PRC flag documented a reprehensible history of CCP that instead of fighting for China against Japanese during WWII, the CCP took on the Chinese Kuomingtang army. More than 200 generals and 3 million soldiers of Kuomintang died over the 8 years of war against Japanese, during which time the CCP troops mushroomed from 20,000 people to over 1.5 million.
  3. The PRC National flag was born at the cost of 40 million Chinese lives lost in the civil war, a war instigated by CCP when the anti-Japanese war barely ended.
  4. Under the CCP ruling, this flag witnessed 70 years of ceaseless “revolutionary movements” that brought about unprecedented killings in Chinese history. Over 80 millions of Chinese have died during the “Land Reforms”, “Crackdowns on the Anti-Revolutionaries”, “Anti-Rightists”, “Great Leap Forward”, Cultural

Revolution, 1989 Tiananmen Massacre, persecutions on Falun Gong members, genocide of minority groups as Tibetans, Uyghurs and Mongolians, and arrests and executions of civil rights advocates in recent years.

  1. Hiding behind this flag, CCP managed to creep into WTO with the help from U.S. and returned the favor with 500 billion dollars of annual trade deficit and all-front attacks in economics, politics, culture, including ideology that serves the purpose of brainwashing American people.
  2. Upon hoisting of this flag, the “Joint Declaration of UK and China” was destroyed and replaced with “National Security Law”. The One-Country-Two-Systems collapsed with the demise of Hong Kong as one of the world’s prominent financial centers, followed by massive arrests of people fighting for democracy and freedom of Hong Kong.
  3. With a stamp of this flag, tens of thousands of Chinese are black-listed from traveling or visiting families in China, even from saying goodbye to the loved ones on death bed.
  4. The Coronavirus was hidden in the flag and spread all over the world, killing over a hundred thousands of Americans, forcing more than 30 millions of Americans into unemployment lines and drove the U.S. economy to the brink of collapse. As a result, Chinese Americans suffered excruciating business and financial losses with many of them barely making ends meet.
  5. With CCP as the last bunker of communism that has plagued the world for more than a century, the PRC national flag is soaked with the blood of hundreds of millions of Chinese. By raising this flag all over China Towns in U.S., the pro-CCP leaders of the Chinese Associations are siding with the opposite to democracy in America and the universal values of human society. It also exhibits profound disrespect and degrading of all the Chinese killed by CCP and the Americans died of CCP virus.
  6. During a time when CCP is being held accountable with bipartisan consensus in U.S. and solidarity of all the countries of democracy, it is of paramount importance that the pro-CCP Associations witness the turning tides and remove the Five-Star Flag to salvage themselves from sinking with the plunging CCP.

Event Contact:

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA)

Federation for a Democratic China

(NOTE: This is a global movement, but each area may have its local contact info.)






在2020年國殤日到來之前,我們將舉行全球聯合行動 – 全面拒絕❌共產黨白區的五星血旗。各地可以各種方式表達我們全面否定中共獨裁暴政的態度。



華盛頓和奧羅港地區將於本週日9/6/2020 開始。下午兩點在中國城浩然亭集合。每週一次,到訪到所有掛有血旗之處。

Event Contact:

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA)

Federation for a Democratic China













We strongly condemn the CCP regime breached the Sino-British Joint Declaration for Hong Kong and enforce its HK “National Security Law”!
習近平下台! 結束中共一黨專政!


Please contact us at the following / 請聯繫我們
Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA) / 中國民主人權聯盟

Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) / 民主中國陣線 #SeattleFDC (425) 535-8869 ziyouzhongguo, SeattleFDC, CDHRA